Fetster is more of a chat site than a dating site. Indeed, members like to expose their fantasies of bondage and submission, but never to practice. Even if the administrators argue that there is no animation on the site, there is strong doubt. We will return to this point a little later in the article.

Fetster: kinky dating site

Fetster has been designed so that fans of BDSM and Kinks get together to talk about their passions and find time for a two or more plan. The home page of the site is very revealing of the meetings that await you on this site. It records more than a few thousand members spread all over USA, Canada and UK. Daily, the chat is animated by some 300 users.

Fetster offers Internet users a dating service that integrates an instant messenger, a search engine profiles, a list of profiles and a profile account that the member can edit according to his desires. He can include information about his fantasies, and photos. It can also receive notifications and offers from the site.

The service set up by Fetster gives access, only to the subscriber’s request, to multiple advantages that allow him the use of the toll options. Subscription to a subscription will allow the member to send messages to connected and unconnected users, manage the blacklist, access photo galleries and view all profiles.

Fetster: how to become a member

In order to access the direct dialogue, each member must first create an account linked to his email address and a password. Registration on Fetster is free, but a bit too long. Being a site specializing in BDSM, it is open to everyone. We mean everyone, women, men, straight men, gay couples, lesbian couples, bisexuals and also transgender people.

Fetster registration

After having specified your type, you must inform your status, your orientation and finally your trends. Do you like domination, domination games, submission, submission games? Or are you there just to discover? The site will then ask you for your favorite practices (are you an amateur of bondage, spanking or handcuffs?) And if you want to make real or just virtual encounters. It is only after having gone through these many steps that the real inscription begins.

Fetster: one of the best BDSM dating sites for Fetishists and Kinksters

Yes, Fetster is one of the best BDSM dating sites in USA, Canada and UK. It has been around for more than 25 years. If you have unbridled fantasies, it is on this site that you must register. You will meet followers of bondage and submission practices of all ages. These members will be happy to share with you their conceptions of this practice which knows almost no limits. The gag, the handcuffs, the ropes, the whips, the spanking … All these practices are evoked without any taboo by the members of this site during the discussions. But do they really practice them in real life? We doubt it a little.

Fetster: an exemplary data protection policy

Its privacy policy is the only thing we really like about Fetster. In a very explicit way, the site agrees never to disclose to other members the contact information that concerns you. Your real identity and your email address are confidential data that will remain the property of Fetster. It is up to you and you alone to choose to communicate to another member, which is authorized by the site.

However, the site claims the right to collect information about your device, ie, your IP address, your operating system and the type of browser you use for its system management purposes. Also, Fetster claims the right to collect information about the use you make of the application.

Fetster: a modern platform adapted to all media

It seems that Fetster has recently offered a facelift. Exit the old outdated version and simplistic. Today, the new Fetster is suitable for media and all browsers. This new version of the site provides simple and intuitive ergonomics. The quality of the features offered by the platform has been improved. Whether you’re looking for a real plan or a virtual plan, it’s easier to find fetishist profiles near you, with just a few clicks.

Currently, Fetster allows you to customize, refine and also save your searches. Thanks to the blacklist and many other features of the site, you will be able to chat with other members. In addition, you can view thousands of public or private BDSM photos of members and learn about their wildest desires and fantasies.

These are the promises made by Fetster. But reality is something else.


On Fetster, only registration, dialogue and research are free. Additional options are chargeable. As for the subscription, it is validated only when the summary screen of the order specifies it. A click on the “pay” button is equivalent to accepting all Fetster terms of use. Once the user has made the click of acceptance, his subscription is considered irrevocable. It can not be questioned. From this acceptance, the user becomes a full subscriber and will enjoy all the benefits of his subscription. An email confirmation of the subscription is sent to the user.

Cancel your account on Fetster

Like on other dating sites, the subscription on Fetster is renewed automatically unless otherwise advised by the subscriber. 30 days before the previous subscription has elapsed, the subscriber receives an electric mail in which it is specified that he can terminate his subscription for free before the due date.

To end the subscription, the user must go to the “settings” page, then “subscription” and follow the instructions mentioned therein.