Spanking: Everything You Need To Know

Spanking: 5 good reasons to practice it in bed

Spanking, a practice more and more common, is perfect to spice up your sexual antics. If you still doubt, discover 5 good reasons to practice under the duvet!

Spanking to increase excitement

By practicing spanking, you make even more excitement with your partner … As much for the one who gives it as for the one who receives it. It’s scientific! Spanking the skin creates a blood rush. The effect is similar to any stimulation of primary erogenous zones.

Spanking therefore participates in the excitement of the sexual zone. The border between pain and pleasure is sometimes very thin. In both situations, the body secretes dopamine, the pleasure hormone. When your partner spanks you, it is not surprising that pleasure outweighs the pain in the context of your sexual encounters. Italo Baccardi, the author of the book “Dare … the spanking”, explains it very simply: “It activates a body part rich in erogenous zones. The anus is the most obvious, because the closest. In addition, the blows radiating to the belly also stimulate, by the pulsed vibrations, the clitoris or the penis. Depending on the case, the spanking very quickly provokes a disturbing sexual arousal “.

Spanking to get out of the routine

If you are bored with your sweetheart, you can try a little less conventional practices such as spanking. It is an ideal solution to get out of the routine and say goodbye to the missionary realized in 1 minute 12! Sex is essential to a couple’s good life and longevity. There is no harm in wanting to spice up your sexual relations by releasing you during love.

Spanking is not a SM practice

In general, spanking is still too often perceived as a sadomasochistic practice. It should be noted that in 2012, one in four women reported having already been spanked by their partner, in an Ifop survey conducted for Femme Actuelle. All are not followers of SM practices! If you want to test this practice, you can talk freely with your spouse. It’s a safe bet that he will be very happy and respond positively to your request. If you feel like spanking him, you should also talk to him about it. The main thing is to communicate and to trust each other. It is not an act of humiliating submission, but an erotic practice between consenting adults. Your partner will spank you without pulling the whip or leaving you a red mark for a few days.

Spanking to forget her complex

French women are among the most complex in the world … The nose, thighs, breasts and buttocks are not spared! While men usually do not care, women make complex on their buttocks that it is too big or too flat. The bouncy buttocks are featured in the media with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian or Niki Minaj … So ladies, stop at the complexes! Spanking can be a way to desacralize this part of the body.

Spanking in the literature

As early as the Age of Enlightenment, writers began to praise spanking. In his Confessions, Jean-Jacques Rousseau admitted: “I had found in pain, even in shame, a mixture of sensuality that had left me more desire than fear. (…) But [the] second time was also the last; for Mademoiselle Lambercier, having perceived at some sign that this punishment was not going to her object, declared that she renounced it, and that he fatigued her too much. (…) Who would believe that this punishment of child, received at the age of eight by the hand of a girl of thirty, decided my tastes, my desires, my passions, of me for the rest of my life? “. The Marquis de Sade and Choderlos de Laclos also left some writings on the subject. In contemporary literature, the best representative of the spanking is unquestionably Christian Gray, the main character of the erotic saga 50 Nuances de Gray written by E.L. James. This bestseller trilogy has sold more than 125 million copies worldwide.