What Is a Sexual Fetish? Are Sexual Fetishes Healthy?

Sexual Fetishism: What is it? Why ? how? Obsession with feet, high heels, latex, fur … what exactly do we mean by fetishism? Some explanations on this surprising sexual practice.

Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with the feet, the success of the designer Louboutin who knew how to ride on the fetishism of high heels, the Doraphilie or the undeniable erotic potential of materials such as leather, vinyl or latex … Fetishism ‘invites as well in movies as in pubs or sex shops! So what are these objects that cause us chills, and where do we come from these funny passions?

Sexual fetishism occurs when the excitement is provoked by a fetish, that is, a part of the body, an object, or a material endowed with strong symbolic power.

When the object of fetishism is a part of the body

In a survey conducted in 2004 by Swedish and Italian researchers and directed by Claudia Scorolli at the University of Bologna, data from hundreds of fetishist discussion groups are analyzed.

Not surprisingly, podophilia, fetishism of the feet and toes, arrives at the top of the ranking of “objects” most adored. Some practices involve sexual contact, such as footjob, others involve being crushed by the foot or licking and chewing, others still just contemplate the little feet so adulated . Anyway the subject divides because podophobia is not rare either!

Lovers of body fluids closely follow podophiles, but there are also fetish breasts: mazophiles, buttocks: pygmy, navel: umbilical, or nose: nasophiles … In short, we find a little bit of everything!

When the object of fetishism is a garment

Among the clothes come the bottoms, the skirts, the thigh high boots or the stilettos (altocalciphilie), the gloves and the glasses, but also of course all the lingerie and the underwear (testifies the site sells-your-panties .com that allows to buy or resell used panties – the more she was worn the higher the panties value is great – but also to take fetish classes).

Japan has particularly developed the concept of panties fetishism (Burusera), by dividing it into subcategories: Panchira, which consists of looking at the panties under the skirt; the Kagaseya, where the customer can sniff the breeches directly worn on a model; and the Namasera: when the model takes off her panties directly in front of the customer.

As for uniforms, they seem closer to BDSM than fetishism, because it suggests a staging often involving links of subordination, submission and domination (the nurse, the police officer, the master or the mistress…). In order not to mix everything up, we will come back to this other subject in a future post.

When the object of fetishism is a matter (doraphily)

Leather, latex, vinyl, fur, silk, velvet, and even wool … Everyone has their favorite textile. Either it is the molding effect and the second skin that excites, or it is the material that recalls a touch sensation appreciated.

Often these three objects of fetishism are intimately related to each other: the vinyl thigh is concerned with foot fetishism as well as footwear and textiles.

How to explain this sexual practice?

Alfred Binet, pedagogue, will be the first to find a name for this sexual practice. The latter studies the question in philosophical articles and, according to him, it is the infantile sexual experience that determines the fixation of fetishism. “We always come back to his first love,” he summarizes.

Thus, the fetishism would result from a strong impression that we would have made certain elements of our childhood and that would have left us an emotional and symbolic indelible footprint (since intervening at the time of the psychological construction). Which could explain why foot and shoe fetish comes first: when you’re little, you can see the bottom of people. A little primary reasoning but why not?

For those interested, the evenings on the theme are not lacking: “Night elastic” or “Night demonia” in Paris, “Wasteland” in Amsterdam (obviously the largest fetish event in Europe) … You have the choice!