Whiplr is a hub for the BDSM, Fetish, alternative lifestyles and Kink community.

After fantasizing about the fantasy SM “Fifty Shades” on the big screen, you dream, too, to meet your master domineering to spend a night out of the ordinary. That’s what Whiplr is proposing, a new application that is already making a lot of noise in the United States.

Whiplr Kinkster Chat App

Since the publication of EL’s trilogy. James in 2012, the SM has never been so passionate about crowds. The back-shops of sex-shop were once again very busy, the martinet was a second youth, DIY stores have bailed out their stock of ropes and fisting has found its audience. The release of Sam Taylor-Wood’s film adaptation only reinforced the phenomenon. Many women confide: they would like to play the Anastasia Steele, at least for one night. But how can you easily find the wild man who will make you climb the curtains?

A BDSM dating application

At first glance, Whiplr works just like any traditional geolocated dating app. On Tinder’s model, you can download some pictures that will show you in the best light and add some ordinary information about your sexual orientation or hobbies, for example. Once this first step has passed, profiles, the closest geographically, are proposed. Men and women with very varied backgrounds … united by a common point: fetishism.

“Very special tastes”

Difficult to assume “very special” sexual tastes as Jamie Dornan says lying on bed of vice. On Whiplr, we show them without shame, and confidentiality is assured. The difference offered by this app is that you share your desire for cuddles embellished with laces and gags. You separate your desires and preferences into 10 categories, such as “Toys”, “Materials”, “Roles” or “Noise”. You can also specify if you are “just curious” or “very experienced”. Another box to fill, your “safeword”: so you know immediately that if your partner abuses the whip too much, you can shout “Elephant”, as we can read on a profile, to find calm.

This new dating app is Tinder for BDSM lovers

For whom Tinder is a bit too soft, there is now Whiplr. This dating app is similar to Tinder, but for people who like sm. Users create a profile with their kinky preferences added. Then they can video chat and call like-minded people in their neighborhood.

The video function circumvents the problem of any old photos, in which people are, for example, 10 kilos lighter. Moreover, you do not have to provide your telephone number directly. You can also add sexy animations to your texts and be notified of sm events via the app.

“Sm is a journey of discovery,” explains founder Daniel Sevitt. “Once you have started, you explore, you develop and you learn more about yourself. Whiplr is the first app that allows users, whether they are new to sm or experienced, to find exactly what they love and to meet potential partners who share the same interests, desires and lifestyle.

WHIPLR: the kinky app, inspired by 50 Shades Of Gray

A new dating application: Whiplr offers women the chance to find their own Christian Gray.
The application was inspired by Tinder and by the movie 50 Shades Of Gray. At Whiplr you send messages with “kinks”.

The application has been specially developed to get you into bed from your comfort zone.
Using the application you will find people who live in your area and are just as kinky as you are! If handcuffs and whips make you excited, then the Whiplr app is for you.

You can use text messages, sound recording and video options, all for free.
You also have other “kinky categories” such as, objects, behavior, material, accessories and sounds.

Whiplr can be downloaded for iOS and Android phones.
Click here to download the app for iOs.
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